Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My most recent idea is to put out an add on craigslist to find people who want to help out with this project. In a sense we are all going to be students to this plant that has never been industrialized, but projected by Scientific American in 1938 to be a billion dollar crop. We want people with a background in Construction, Engineering, Architecture, Agriculture, Permaculture, Agro-Forestry, Chemistry, Biology, Botany, Planning and Development, Research and Development, well just about anything; but even if you have no background, if you have interest please let us know. We are going to be initially researching how to build a house completely from Cannabis, my working theory is that we can make a plastic that is 10 time stronger then steel; as Henry Ford made a car with. Use this to be the structure, so replace the wood in the house. Then the walls will be made out of hempcrete and you have a house. This is just the start, the potential of cannabis plant is to have all modern conveniences produced from a renewable resource. We don't even have to change much, we just need to utilize this amazing plant!
This is a place where I will just spit out ideas. Sort of like a scratch book.